Looking for flights to Malaga P Ruiz from Gatwick? We can help!

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If you didn’t book a summer holiday this year and are beginning to regret it, never fear. There’s still time to get on line, bag bargain flights to Malaga P Ruiz airport from Gatwick and head for the sun. Malaga, in southern Spain, guarantees good weather all year round, with average December temperatures reaching between 12º and 18º, so you can book a winter break too!

Malaga airport is also known as Malaga Costa Del Sol Airport and Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport, for good reason. The airport is the gateway to Spain’s Costa del Sol, which attracts travellers from over 65 countries worldwide, and Malaga is the birthplace of one of the world’s most famous artists, Pablo Picasso. His works feature in the newly opened, prestigious Baroness Thyssen Museum based in the central Villalon Palace. €11 million were spent restoring the Palace and the surrounding streets have been given an inviting, up-market air so be sure to visit this cultural hub.

The airport’s new Terminal 3 serves the rapidly expanding number of passengers who fly in, a large number of whom are Brits. The low cost flights to Malaga from many UK destinations are just too tempting! Apart from no-frills Easy Jet (www.easyjet.com), Aer Lingus  has flights to Malaga P Ruiz from Gatwick airport. If you take a late summer break in September with Easy Jet, flying out on the 6th and returning on the 13th, the return fare is just £70.98 including taxes. Return flights on the same days with Aer Lingus cost £76.76. Keep in mind that you get a little more leg room with Aer Lingus and can take one suitcase included in the price. But whoever you choose, with prices like these, why stay at home?!

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