Which airlines to choose for flights to Majorca

From mornings on a sandy beach to lunches in Palma and exciting nights in Magaluf, Majorca is a holiday destination that guarantees non-stop fun. Moreover, on this island you can explore a range of medieval castles and cathedrals, not to mention the wonders of authentic Spanish cuisine. So, if you’re looking forward to your Spanish holiday, here are some airlines that offer flights to Majorca.

EasyJet (easyjet.com) offers flights to Majorca from London with prices starting from £20.99 for one way. You can choose to depart either from London Gatwick or London Stansted and the price includes all taxes and airport fees. If you choose to book your tickets online on the official website of the airline company, be aware that payment card fees may incur.

Jet2.com is another airline that offers affordable flights from all major UK airports to Palma de Majorca. Prices start from £21.99 one way and are inclusive of all airport fees. Some of the cities you can choose as a departure point include Leeds, Newcastle, Blackpool, Edinburgh, Manchester and Glasgow. Promotions are sometimes available on the website of this airline, so make sure you check the current ones, as you can save some money. When booking your flights to Majorca with Jet2.com, you can manage your booking online, which includes making changes, select your seats and check-in online.

Thomson Airlines (flights.thomson.co.uk) offers flights from London Gatwick to Palma de Majorca with prices starting from £63.98 for a return flight. With this company, you can cut the costs of your holiday in Spain by booking your hotel rooms at the same time.

It is never too early to book flights to Majorca for your next holiday. Booking in advance is a certain way of cutting the costs of your trip. Moreover, remember that most airlines will charge you for any extra luggage, so packing lightly will save you some money as well.

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