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If you are looking to find and book flights to Mahon from Manchester you have come to exactly the right place. Mahon is on the Balearic island of Minorca. We have done our research which has resulted in us finding a couple of websites that offer flights to Mahon at very reasonable prices.

Most airline companies these days work with airline comparison sites in order for to make your search for flights a fast and easy process. These comparison sites are to be found on the internet and one such one we recommend you check out is www.cheapflights.co.uk.

This site has flights to Mahon from Manchester starting from £71 return which is very good. For this price you will depart on the 14th of July and arrive back on the 21st of July and you will be on board a  Monarch flight. Just to let you know we have only used the above dates as guides so there is plenty of other dates available for more or less the same prices so check out the website.

Another good website offering the flights is www.flycheapo.com. These offer flights with the major airlines including Easyjet and Monarch. Flights to Mahon from Manchester are coming in at a little higher price of £90 return which is also not too bad.

There is a little difference in the prices but one site could have better availability than the other so make sure to check the two of them out.

We wish you the best in your search for flights to Mahon from Manchester and hope to see on board a flight soon.




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