Flights to Madagascar

The animated movie from DreamWorks may have inspired legions of travellers to holidays in Madagascar. These flights are the ticket for these adventurers to be among the chameleons, kingfishers, and tomato frogs.

Kenya Airways is “the pride of Africa,” and caters even to kids with such programmes as the Cool Kids Club. Members get giveaways and invitations to the annual Cool Kids party. There are even articles in the in-flight Msafiri magazine for them, while grown-ups can interest themselves in features on Africa’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, business topics, and write-ups about the parties and social events in Europe. Shopaholics can browse through African jewellery for sale on board. There are also essentials sold should you decide to go on a safari.

Souvenirs can also be bought aboard Air Mauritius, with the image of the mythical creature Paille-en-Queue on its tail. Buy a teddy bear in traditional garb, a tobacco case, or a miniature plane. Feast on delights such as pawpaw shortbread with pineapple sauce, frayed palm heart with coconut chutney, or salmon roulade with ginger and apricot cream cheese. Audio Video on Demand and interactive games for one or two players are available.

Take a flight to Madagascar on South African Airways, which has received a number of accolades in 2008 alone: Airline of the Year at the CBC African Business Awards, Africa’s Leading Airline at the World travel Awards, and Best Airline to Africa at the Weekly Globe Awards (for 17 years running).

These flights land in Ivato International Airport in the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo.

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