Flights to Macedonia

Macedonia’s ancient monasteries, valuable icon collections, and magnificent mountains draw in about 700,000 visitors each year. Anyone who wishes visit this landlocked country of prehistoric ruins and ancient traditions can get a flight to Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle Airport or Skopje Alexander the Great Airport.

Named after one of the greatest military figures of all time, Skopje Airport is located in the country’s capital, where it opened its doors to the public in 1990. Newcomers can avail of any of the seven car rental agencies in the airport, and cruise through the streets of Macedonia to admire the view. Otherwise, they can take a taxi.

Germanwings has Macedonia flights from Edinburgh, London, and Dublin. It prides itself on utilizing the latest in aviation technology, having the best qualified staff, and prioritising safety.

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Malev Hungarian Airlines crosses the skies to Macedonia from Glasgow and London. A good choice for families, they provide kids’ meals, nappy changing facilities, and cots for the tots. Games, toys, and youth-oriented films are guaranteed to prevent cabin fever.

Those travelling to London or Birmingham can book a flight on Adria Airways. Also child-friendly, Slovenia’s flag carrier offers a 50% to 90% discount for the little ones.

From London, customers can choose Jat Airways, Serbia's national airline and one of the country’s best brands for service in 2007. If a patron has had ten one-way flights or five roundtrip flights in a year, he or she receives a free roundtrip ticket to a European destination. Jat Airways holds an IOSA certificate, proof that upholds the “highest civil aviation standards in… technical maintenance and air traffic safety.”

Jat Airways also flies to Ohrid Airport, located in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The airport has helped boost tourism in Ohrid, known as the site of one of the oldest lakes in the world.

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