Flights to Macau

A trip to the “Las Vegas of Asia” begins at the Macau International Airport, where amenities include a Cantonese restaurant, a duty-free shop, and shower rooms. There are also banks, foreign exchange facilities, and ATMs.

The Macau experience begins with Air China, which offers Oriental cuisine such as Beijing Quan Ju De Roasted Duck, Shrimp Wonton with Noodle in Soup, and Sesame Beef Puff Pastry. A sampling of music and movies from the Middle Kingdom are also offered. Seats have adjustable headrests, personal lighting, interactive monitors, power outlets for laptops, and working tables.

China Southern Airlines has often been called “Best Airline in China.” In 2008, it was given the prestigious Five-Star Flight Safety Award by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. It has Macau flights from London.

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There’s no regretting a Macau flight on Eva Air. After all, this carrier won the Trusted Brands Platinum Award 2008 (Reader’s Digest), the Richard Teller Crane Founder’s Award for Safety 2007, and the Efficient Airline Award 2006 (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol). Comfortable travel is guaranteed with its “shape-memory” cushions, adjustable headrests, and bottom seats which move forward as they are reclined, resulting in a natural sitting position. Young girls will enjoy flying on the Hello Kitty themed planes.

“Travel the miles with smiles” on Malaysia Airlines. The latest movies, news, and games are available on the entertainment system, “the best… in the skies.” With the e-Learning programmes, passengers on Macau flights can master a foreign tongue, learn good business practices, and find out about the best travel destinations. Only the freshest ingredients are used for the food, while an extraordinary list of drinks are served, including South African Rooibos tea and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

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