Budget Flights to Lyon, France

Price Comparison Websites

Searching for flights to Lyon, France, from destination airport can be done using a price comparison website, such as Cheapflights.co.uk or Diyflights.com.

Enter the details of your origin airport before entering Lyon Saint Exupéry or Lyon Bron airports.

Passengers should note that Lyon Saint Exupéry is 19 miles away from Lyon city centre, while Lyon Bron Airport sits 12 miles to the south of the city. Both airports are within the larger urban area of Lyon.

Flexible Travellers are Rewarded

Unless your travel does not allow for flexibility, such as travelling to a specific meeting in Lyon, for example, you should try to be as flexible as possible when searching for flights to Lyon, France.

Search the widest range of times of day and dates for your travel as possible, including searching for flights to both of Lyon's airports.

Call up your lists of results in order from low to high fares on price comparison websites to quickly and easily see the cheapest flights to Lyon, France, available.

Booking Package Deals

Travellers can also make further savings by booking a package deal on a holiday to Lyon, which wraps up your flights and accommodation into one lump sum cost.

Commonly, package deals are offered by travel agents, but you can also compare the prices of online package deals using comparison websites such as Travelsupermarket.com or Dealchecker.co.uk.

Enter your travel details into this search engine as you would when searching for flights, using the same flexibility in your search to find the cheapest possible package deal.

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