Flights to Luxembourg

The world’s remaining Grand Duchy started off as a Roman fortress, and today retains a number of its folk traditions. Catch a flight to Luxembourg today!

“There’s no better way to fly” than with Lufthansa, with its personal touch-screen video sets offering news, documentaries, and movies. There are a hundred audio CD options, with audio-books and radio streaming available, too. From Carnival tunes to Calypso grooves, there’s a sampling of music from all over the world. Passengers can even request for specific songs to be included. There’s even a kids’ programme for the young and the restless. Lufthansa Magazin has engaging articles for those who prefer to read the time away. The December 2008 issue covers topics such as wild animals, Christmas carols, and flight attendants. The food and beverage selections are equally absorbing, created by the capable hands of award-winning chefs. Beer with a touch of chilli and lemon, sweet potato with smoked salmon tartar, and sautéed tuna with grape salad are some of the goodies to look forward to.

Swiss International Air Lines offers a culinary experience with its Taste of Switzerland menu, with such treats as spiced chocolate with sweet corn ice cream and coriander, apple jelly with cardamom biscuit, and fig coffee dished out by Michelin-starred chef Heiko Nieder. With haute cuisine comes high technology; its personal video monitors have the largest screens worldwide (Economy Class). Get videos on demand, and choose from the latest films and TV shows. Financial news gets delivered fresh, too, and email access is provided. Have absolutely no inkling about Luxembourg? Pick up SWISS Magazin and browse through the travel guides.

SAS Scandinavian Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and British Airways also have flights to Luxembourg’s Aeroport de Luxembourg or lux-Airport.

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