Cheap flights from Manchester to London Heathrow

Flying to London from Manchester is one of the simplest and most regular domestic flights in Britain. The journey takes around one hour each way, and there are several options to choose from every day.

The two companies which dominate the Manchester-London flight route are British Airways and BMI, both of which offer multiple daily cheap flights to London Heathrow.

British Airways runs eight flights on weekdays, with the earliest departure time at 7:15 and the latest at 19:25. On a Saturday, the service is reduced to five flights, the earliest at 8:15 and the latest again at 19:25. The Sunday service includes six flights, the earliest at 8:15 and the latest at 21:10.

BMI's has a slightly smaller service, with only six flights on weekdays between 8:10, but with a later finish at 22:05. On Saturdays and Sundays, BMI runs four flights, the earliest at 7:00 and the latest at 20:45.

There is thus adequate room for flexibility in your travel dates and times, with lots of flights from which you can choose. Invariably, however, BMI's flights to London are much cheaper than those of British Airways, who can sometimes charge two times the price of the former.

For a one-way flights to London booked comfortably in advance, BMI can charge as little as £30, while the British Airways minimum ticket price is around £44. Return tickets booked in advance can cost less than £70 with BMI, while British Airways deals are likely to cost closer to £100.

Even with short notice flights, BMI generally offers a price advantage, it being usually possible to find the cheapest (£30) one-way tickets less than a week before departure, while British Airways prices can sometimes rise to around £60.

For short notice return trips, while you are quite likely to find BMI plans for less than £70, if you require flexibility you will probably pay closer to £90. British Airways, meanwhile, will ask for something in the region of £140.

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