Flights to Lebanon

With UNESCO World Heritage sites, Arabic palaces, and ancient ports, Lebanon is a traveller’s dream. Book a flight to Lebanon, which land in the Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport.

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Service fit for a king is provided aboard Royal Jordanian, where passengers are offered personal disposable ear sets, a variety of newspapers, and the in-flight magazine, Royal Wings. Aside from the usual blockbusters and music genres, recordings of readings from the Qur'an are available on the flight to Lebanon. These entertainment possibilities come with the Sky Cinema guide.

Audio Video on Demand is also part of the Saudi Arabian Airlines experience, where they offer computer games, Arabic movies, and an air show which gives passengers a peek into the aircraft’s progress through the skies. A variety of local and international magazines are on the reading list. On the menu are prawn biryani in spicy yogurt sauce, beef with carrots in pepper sauce, and lamb with Arabic herbs and kouzi rice.

Grab a seat on Emirates, which prides itself in providing luxury in the air. From the private suites in the First Class cabins, where passengers can stretch out happily, to the new generation seats in the Economy Class cabins, where passengers can plug in their laptops to their personal power supply, Emirates consistently earns praises from its passengers. A thousand channels of pure entertainment, Audio and Video on Demand, and personal screens will keep everyone entertained. Sleep under the stars with the planes’ special lighting, which depicts a starry evening sky.

Go “from Lebanon to the world” with Middle East Airlines Airliban, which gives passengers a taste of authentic Lebanese meals. The carrier can arrange spa and tour packages, too. Family-friendly shows and movies are played on board, while chart-topping tunes, songs from cartoons, and Lebanese melodies are dished through the radio channels.

BMI can also be counted on for flights to Lebanon. Their aircraft possess “wider seats and 11 inches more legroom than… competitors” which also have “adjustable foot rests, headrests, and lumbar support.”

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