Flights to Kiev

Relive the glorious Byzantine era in the “mother of Russian cities,” Kiev. Boryspil International Airport is the portal to the past, and the hub of flights to Kiev.

Try KLM, the oldest airline in the world, for your Kiev flights. “It’s your comfort that counts” on the Dutch flag carrier. It offers “sleeping chairs” which can be reclined at a 170-degree angle, and have massage settings. Flip through Holland Herald, the oldest in-flight magazine in the world, and enjoy its skilful photos and entertaining travelogues. They also offer video games, and serve only freshly-prepared meals.

The ever-dependable British Airways also has flights to Kiev. Save up by booking a seat in its Premium Economy Class, World Traveller Plus. Flying cheap doesn’t mean forgoing any of the conveniences. Blankets, socks, and cushions are provided. Enjoy a spa treatment, the result of BA’s collaboration with Elemis skin and body care. Personal seatback monitors and a range of music and TV channels keep passengers entertained. There are a lot of magazines to choose from, too. No wonder BA was “Airline of the Year” at the 2006 World Airline Awards.

Check out photos of Kiev here!

Ukraine International Airlines, named the best carrier in the country, is another option. Continually looking for ways to improve its services, its planes have recently been installed with “winglets,” which improves efficiency, lowers fuel consumption, and reduces air and noise pollution. With its completion of the IATA Operational Safety Audit, you can be assured it’ll be smooth-sailing on your Kiev flights.

Austrian Airlines, winner of awards such as “Best Catering Business Class Long-Haul,” “Best Cabin Staff in Europe” (both at the World Airline Awards 2008), and “Best Airline of the Year 2008 in Europe” (Capital Magazine), also offers flights to Kiev. Children will enjoy the toys, puzzles, and a special children’s magazine.

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