Flights to Jordan

A melting pot of civilisations, Jordan lures tourists with its Roman city ruins and Crusader castles. Take off to a land brimming with biblical scenes through these flights to Jordan, and discover other magical and ancient treasures the country has to offer.

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Air France, one of the world’s largest airlines, offers Jordan flights from London. Flights leave from London Heathrow, stop over at Charles de Gaulle-Paris, and land in Queen Alia in Amman, the capital of Jordan. Fly on Tempo/Economy class, and get to choose your seat by arriving in the airport early. Passengers can check in online or from mobile phones up to 30 hours before the flight. Fly with comfort with onboard amenities such as feather-filled cushions and blankets, fully retractable armrests, contoured chairs, and adjustable headrests and footrests. In-flight entertainment ranges from French and international newspapers and magazines, 85 movies on demand, video games, and Planete Bleue toys and gifts for children.

Fly from Manchester to Jordan on bmi, a budget carrier in the UK. Infants get a free teddy bear onboard, while other passengers are entertained through mounted video screens with 11 movies, nine television channels, and 16 audio channels. An air-show with a bird’s eye view of the entire flight is also available.

Lufthansa also flies to Amman, Jordan from Glasgow. Jordan flights include two stopovers: London Heathrow and Frankfurt. Economy flights feature personal screens with 10 latest movies, TV programmes, and music magazines. Kids are also entertained during the flight through a special children’s programme, KidsFun.

Other airlines that fly to Jordan from UK cities are Turkish Airlines and Etihad Airways.

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