Cheap flights to Jersey from East Midlands airport

Why not take some flights to Jersey from East Midlands airport? Jersey is a small island in the British Channel Islands that is a fantastic get-away place for families and couples. The Island has the best temperatures in the summer ranging from 20 to 30 degrees and the sights are just breath taking.

Jersey is renowned for its restaurants which specialise in seafood, however due to the island being located so close to France, the islands restaurants can offer you a French feel with exciting cheeses and breads.

The beaches in Jersey are a must-see with their golden sands and amazing cliff top views. Nature walks through the hills are also very popular due to the stunning scenery.

The island also offers plenty of historical sights such as bunkers used by the Nazis during World War Two. There are very popular markets held in the town square which let passers by try different types of food and purchase unique and beautiful hand made jewelery and the night life is great for the younger visitors with numerous busy nightclubs and heaving bars. All in all, the island is the perfect place to visit for an amazing holiday.

  • Aurigny airlines, which is a Channel Island airline offers flights from East Midlands airport to Jersey for prices around £120 return which is a fantastic offer.
  • Bmibaby offers even cheaper flights with prices ranging from £100 return.

Cheap flights to Jersey from East Midlands airport is the cheapest, most ideal way to take your summer holidays and the most effective way to relax this summer.

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