Choosing Flights To Jamaica From The UK in December 2011

Flights to Jamaica from UK December 2011

Jamaica is a beautiful island in the Caribbean where the water is warm and clear and flights to Jamaica from UK in December 2011 can take you there. If you love the beach and water sports, it’s a fabulous place to spend your holiday. Soaking up the local atmosphere can definitely take you away from your troubles for a while.

Why Go to Jamaica?

Flights to Jamaica can go fast, as most holiday travellers want to end up somewhere where the sun is shining and booking early is a good way to save money. Jamaica is called the Land of Springs, a name that suits the landscape. The Caribbean island attracts millions of tourists every year, mostly due to its perfect sands, unique music, and its laid-back atmosphere. Finding inexpensive flights to Jamaica makes the trip all the more enjoyable.

Airlines to Jamaica

Many airlines from the United Kingdom fly to Jamaica. Virgin Atlantic flies from London Heathrow and London Gatwick airports. Virgin Atlantic offers complimentary meals, drinks, and an amenity kit. Economy class also has adjustable lumbar supports. Premium economy class, there will be a little more room for your legs and outlets for your laptop.

Another airline you should consider is Air Jamaica. This flies from London Gatwick and is Jamaica’s national airline. You can feel comfortable flying with this airline, and they will do their best to get you in a Jamaica-kind of mood. Economy offers headsets, snacks, meals, movies, video presentations, and a Caribbean culture magazine. There is also a free shopping magazine.

Finding the Best Deals on Flights

To find the best price on the flight to Jamaica, you should check out virgin-atlantic.com or airjamaica.com schedules. The cheapest fare is about £550 in slow seasons and in the busy season, it will be around £700. You can also check britishairways.com as they offer a 7-night stay in a Jamaican hotel along with airfare for £599. If you search these sites, flights to Jamaica from UK in December 2011 will not be hard to find.


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