Cheapest Flights to Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the larger islands in the Caribbean and it is famous for its wonderful beaches, hot, tropical weather all year round and its unforgettable parties. Jamaica is a great destination for any type of holiday. It has a highly developed tourist infrastructure and many places to choose from to spend a family holiday, a party holiday with friends or a honeymoon.

Jamaica is approximately 10 hours flying time away from the UK, so you can't expect prices to be particularly cheap for flights to Jamaica. However, considering the large amount of air traffic and it being a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of relatively competive prices and last minute deals going around much of the time.

Skyscanner.com and opodo.com are just some places to start looking for cheap flights to Jamaica and other places. The most popular airline to connect the UK to Jamaica is Virgin Atlantic and its prices, although they vary greatly on a supply and demand basis, are often very reasonable.

There are two main airports in Jamaica - one in the capital city, Kingston and another in Montego Bay. Montego Bay is the one you will most likely fly to and Virgin Atlantic flies there from London Gatwick. Flights to Jamaica start at around £627.80 with Virgin Atlantic. This price is the full return price including all taxes and fees.

Fttours.co.uk offer package tours to Jamaica with return flights which are sometimes as cheap as around £400 excluding taxes.

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