Find cheap flights to Ibiza from Dublin here!

You can easily find cheap flights to Ibiza from Dublin several times a week. During the summer months, you will find many more flights departing but they could be at a higher cost. Tens of thousands of Irish holidaymakers travel to Ibiza each year to escape everyday life and catch some sun!

Ibiza is one of the most popular destinations for the younger generation due to its exceptional nightlife and reputation for having the best DJs in the world play in the world's best clubs every night of the week during summer. For cheap flights to Ibiza from Dublin you have 2 options.

Ryanair is Europe's first and best low-cost airline. They fly to and from Ibiza every Sunday and Wednesday. Flights can be found from just €60 one way including taxes and charges. When you land at Ibiza airport you are just a 15 minute bus journey from all the action. Be aware that to bring a suitcase you will pay an extra fee.

Aer Lingus offer three flights per week to and from Ibiza. You can catch a plane on either Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. The Irish airline charge slightly more for their tickets and a single ticket stars at about €80. Like Ryanair, you will also pay extra for any baggage you wish to take.

Both websites also offer excellent prices on hotels and car hire in Ibiza. To find out more about flights or to get yourself a price for your flights simply visit the following websites:

  • Ryanair.com
  • Aerlingus.com
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