Flights to Glasgow from Bournemouth airport.

Bournemouth airport, on England’s south coast, currently specializes in flights to sun hotspots, with Ryanair (www.ryanair.com) flying to mainland Spain and its Canary Islands and Faro and Pisa, and Thomson (www.thomson.co.uk) flying to Ibiza, Palma, Greece and Turkey.

There are no UK domestic flights from Bournemouth airport at this present time. So what if you’re one of those travellers in the Bournemouth area who fancies a trip north of the border and have Glasgow in mind? It’s a long journey by car and if you don’t have time to make it into a leisurely trip, you’ll be looking at flights to Glasgow from Bournemouth airport.

The good news is you don’t have to travel to London to fly to Glasgow.  Flybe (www.flybe.com 0871 700 2000) flies there from neighbouring Southampton which is just under 25 miles away. There are currently up to six direct flights a day from Southampton to Glasgow with one way prices starting from around £63 including taxes.

It’s approximately a 30 minute drive to the airport but if you prefer to save on parking costs, let the train take the strain! There are frequent trains from Bournemouth to Southampton Airport Parkway Train Station, which is just a one minute walk from the Terminal building. It couldn’t be easier! The airport station is served by South West Trains (www.southwesttrains.co.uk 0845 6000 650) and Crosscountry Trains (wwwcrosscountrytrains.co.uk 0844 811 0124).

Alternatively, take the bus with National Express (www.nationalexpress.com) to Southampton city centre, where two operators serve the airport: Unilink (www.unilink.soton.ac.uk) and Velvet (www.velvetbus.info). The former operates buses every 10 minutes during the week and every 15 at weekends and on public holidays.  Enjoy your trip!

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