Flights to France from the UK

Choosing Your Destination

Before you choose your flights to France from the UK, you must first choose your ideal holiday location.

Search through tourist information on the Internet and in brochures that you can pick up from your local travel agent.

Decide what type of holiday you are looking for, as this will help you choose a location for your holiday and, as a result, the airport for your flights to France from the UK.

If you are looking for a suave and sophisticated city break, you could travel to the French capital Paris or the principality of Monte Carlo in the country's south east.

Adventurous travellers looking for the some of Europe's finest ski slopes should consider a trip to the Alps in the south east of France, where a range of airports await.

Finally, travellers looking for their perfect beach holiday can scour the French coasts, such as the coast in Brittany off the north of France or the azure waters of the Atlantic off the coast of Bordeaux.

Finding the Best Flight for Your Trip

Use an Internet flight price comparison to find your ideal flights to France from the UK.

Websites such as Skyscanner.net, Cheapflights.co.uk or Travelsupermarket.com to enter the details for your trip to France, including the time and date of travel and your ideal origin and destination airports.

Think about how adjusting your times and dates of travel could help you achieve even greater savings on your flights, while travelling to a different, nearby airport may also help you make a saving.

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