Cheap flights to Edinburugh

Flights to Edinburugh

The enchanting city of Edinburgh will provide you with the perfect getaway. Although it a city, you will be amazed at how green the place is, with open spaces which have a scintillating picturesque scenery. It is a perfect getaway destination especially for those who delight in staying outdoors especially during the upcoming crisp winter season. You can sample the best of this enchanting getaway to Scotland via cheap flights to Edinburugh.

There are a variety of low cost airlines and premium carriers serving Edinburgh across various airports in the UK. Due to the vast number of competing airlines, it is easier to get flight discounts. Flights from London will take approximately an hour and a half, while those in the northern parts of the country will take an hour.

In addition to the striking architectural historic buildings and culture, you will have the opportunity to stay in state of the art hotels while you explore the immense riches of the city. From two to five star hotels, you are assured of finding one that suits your budget. The hotels are also a walking distance to the major attractions.

Some of the buildings to visit include the historically significant Edinburgh Castle, the Holyroodhouse that is a royal residence and Sir Walter Scott Monument. If you are a fashion enthusiast, then George Street will be a 'must visit'. Here you can sample world-renowned brands and designers. A visit to the go360edinburgh.co.uk website will provide you with a rich source of information on some of the top attractions in Edinburgh.

Some of the popular flight routes to Edinburgh are those from Heathrow, Manchester, Luton, Birmingham and Cardiff. Some of the major carriers include British Airways, easy jet, bmibaby, Lufthansa, flybe and Air France. To compare the cheapest flights to edinburugh, visit the www.cheapflights.co.uk website. Prices will range from £68 to £83 depending with the airline and the airport from where you are boarding.

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