Where to Find Flights to Edinburgh From London City airport

Flights to Edinburgh from London city airport

Finding flights to Edinburgh from London City airport can be a challenge if you're trying to book online, but the London City airport site makes this process a whole lot easier. Let's see where to go?

londoncityairport.com is the address you should navigate to and once you get there, you're able to choose your flight. You could also use this URL to head directly to the Edinburgh page: http://www.londoncityairport.com/Edinburgh/default.aspx

You're able to book both flights and accommodation from this page, and you can do this by clicking on the appropriate links. The page with flights to Edinburgh from London City airport shows all the available flights, and you're then able to choose according to the dates that will suit you best. For today, 26th of September, there are 11 flights to Edinburgh and these are scheduled at various times throughout the day. The first flight departs at 07:00 and the last departs at 21:30, so you should be able to find a flight at a time of the day that will fit in with your schedule.

Prices for these flights start at just over £102.00, so other airlines or departures from other airports could get you cheaper flights. If you have to depart from London City airport then this site at least makes the process to find and book flights online quick and easy. Head on over and you’ll have a selection of flights to choose from on almost any day of the week.

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