Flights to Dalaman, Turkey, cost less than a trip to the dentists

The Dalaman region in Turkey is an incredibly beautiful place with some of the most amazing tourist attractions to visit. With its scented orange groves, dazzling cotton fields and rocky outcrop stretching for miles, Dalaman is pure postcard material.

Throughout Dalaman are some of the most wonderful reminders of the long and glorious past that Turkey is so proud of. Looking out over the town of Dalyan are the Kings Tombs, which are nearly two and a half millennia old. Majestically built into the side of a cliff they're a must see for any first time visitor to Dalaman. The miraculous mud baths of Dalyan are also well worth a visit. Every year thousands of people flock to the sulphur rich baths to avail of the unique anti-ageing effects that the mud is said to hold.

Flights to Dalaman, Turkey, have only been available for a short time since the international airport recently opened up here. Now almost all of the main travel agencies have offers on flights to Dalaman, Turkey. Flythomascook.com has some superb deals advertised at the moment including Manchester to Dalaman for just £36.99 and London Gatwick to Dalaman for £39.99. It's hard to argue with prices like that!

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