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Planning on going to Cyprus on your holidays this summer? If so you came to the right place because in this blog we are going to look into getting you the best flights to Cyprus from Manchester.

Finding flights to suit your dates more often than not proves to be a very tedious procedure because of the vast amount of airline comparison sites there are on the market. Rest assured because this does not have to be the case for you, as we have done our research and came to the conclusion that there are only two websites that should concern you.

The first website you should look at is www.cheapflights.co.uk. This website works in conjunction with the major airlines such as Monarch and their aim is to try to get you the cheapest and best flights possible and trust me they don't disappoint. Their flights to Cyprus from Manchester are starting at £133 return depending of course when you want to travel. To get your itinerary log on to their website and enter in your dates into the search engine and you will get the cost and available times almost instantly.

The second place that might be worth checking out is Sky Scanner. They work in a similar way to the other website in that they scour the major airlines and try to get the best flights available. Sky scanner have done their work and have prices starting at £115 from Manchester to Cyprus. You can view these flights on line at http://www.skyscanner.ie.

Cyprus is awaiting your presence so book your flights to Cyprus from Manchester today.

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