Looking for Flights to Cyprus from Ireland?

For the best deal online take a look at skyscanner.net to help you with choosing the best time of month or even the cheapest time of year to fly off to anywhere in Cyprus. It's a comparison site that does the guesswork for you, letting you choose your departure city and destination and if you have the freedom of being flexible with dates, it can show the cheapest time to go.

If your looking for flights to Cyprus from Ireland this summer, or even later in the year, jump online and find the best deal for you. If you're planning a last minute getaway this August there's still plenty of choice, so you can choose the week that suits you.

Dublin to Larnaca for example, if you don't mind a stopover, comes in at just over €410 per person. This deal flies out on Tuesday 23rd August at 6.50am and returns to Dublin on 30th August, departing at 8.20am. There are two stopovers each way, both in Frankfurt and Greece.

For those looking for more a direct flight, there's flights to Cyprus from Dublin, Ireland on Sunday 21st August to Larnaca arriving back on Sunday 28th August. For not too much more on the price, at €470 it saves some time from the stopovers to enjoy by the pool.

Take a look online today, for more choice from departures in Ireland to different destinations in Cyprus, there's cheap flights to Cyprus from anywhere in Ireland this Summer.

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