Flights to Cyprus from Doncaster: A well-earned break

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What better way to beat the summer blues than to go sit on a beach in a country where the summer sky is always sunny. There are flights to Cyprus from Doncaster available at the moment for bargain prices, so you can relax and get your tan while staying on a modest budget.

If you log on to http://www.cheapflights.co.uk and search flights to Cyprus from Doncaster you can see the incredible value for yourself. There is a deal at the moment offering return flights for £257 if you depart on 28 Aug 2011. If you prefer to be a little more flexible and select a time that suits you or your family better, you can still pick up tremendous value.

With this deal you can fly out of Doncaster any Sunday in August with a return flight for £287 or less. With the price of diesel and petrol these days it is more economical to get flights to Cyprus from Doncaster than to drive and stay somewhere in Britain.

If you are looking for accommodation as well as flights, http://www.cheapflights.co.uk can offer that service to any client. You can utilize a host of search criteria to find the deal that is best for you. They will scan the internet and their partner companies for the best available deal to match your criteria.

The value of flights to Cyprus from Doncaster has never been better than it is now. With strong competition for customers driving the price of foreign flights down, you and your family can get a well-deserved break in the sun for less.

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