How to arrange flights to Cuba from Ireland

Flights to Cuba from Ireland

Are you interested in checking out the old world sights and charms of Cuba but are struggling to work out a way to get there from Ireland? Unfortunately, there aren't any direct flights to Cuba from Ireland, but this doesn't mean you won't be able to get to the island for a reasonable price. Keep reading as we explore your options for getting to this beautiful Caribbean hotspot.

It is fair to describe Cuba as a bit like an island that time has forgot. It is still full of 1950's style cars and appliances thanks to a trade embargo from the United States, but the embargo doesn't stretch as far as stopping tourists, so it is very much open for business. Your main option for getting there is to fly through Madrid, and we have found you a price of €624 return through Madrid with the Carlton Leisure Group at http://www.carltonleisure.com/.

Another option you may not have considered is with Air Canada through Toronto, and we have found you another excellent deal on their flight as it comes in at €739 return with www.flightgroup.com. This is a winter only deal and only lasts until March 2012, so it is best to get moving quickly on this one before the deal disappears.

Another brilliant option is to transfer through Paris with Air France, and they are currently offering a brilliant deal of €673 return to Havana from Dublin on their site at www.airfrance.ie. The one condition of this deal is that you travel before 31st March 2012, giving you a decent window before you must travel!

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