Flights to Croatia from Bristol

Being part of the EU, flights to Croatia from Bristol will normally be direct flights. Depending on what time of year you book, airline and seating class the price of the flight can vary considerably, but you'll always be able to find something that suits your budget and trip requirements.

Average Flight Cost: High and Low Season

Like most countries, holiday prices can change depending on whether you travel in high season or low season. High season is the time of year where the weather is at its peak and most tourist visit, whereas low season is usually poorer weather and less tourist attractions or holidaymakers visiting a place.

High Season: June to September

In June to September you can expect to see temperatures soaring to a high off 73 degrees in August with a variety of summer events throughout Croatia. Flights to Croatia from Bristol in high season average at £1000 per person, but can be cheaper if you book 6 months in advance or manage to grab last minute flights.

Low Season: December to March

Low season temperatures average 36 degrees and you can expect to see less tourist in Croatia at this time and some variation in events. Average flights for low season at around £700 - £800, but can be as cheap as £500 per person if booked 6 months in advance.


There are 6 airports in Croatia. Most of them will accept flights internationally, but flights to Croatia from Bristol may only be available at the largest airports. The airports you can choose from, listed in order of airlines served, are:

Dubrovnik (DBV)

Pula (PUY)

Rijeka Airport (RJK)

Split (SPU)

Zadar (ZAD)

Zagreb (ZAG)

Flight Lengths and Changes

Flights to Croatia from Bristol usually have at least one stop, normally at Amsterdam for a few hours, before a direct flight to Croatia. Other routes have 2 stops, and these are usually cheaper flights than those without any stops. Depending on the amount of stops your flight route will take and how long you stop at each airport, flight times vary from 5 hours up to 9 hours, some longer if passengers are required to stop overnight at a particular airport change

Cheap Flight Comparison Websites

The best way to find the cheapest flights to Croatia from Bristol are price comparison websites, as these will search the majority of major airlines for deals and the cheapest offers. Kayak.co.uk, skyscanner.com, Momondo.com and cheapflights.com are examples of some of the best price comparison sites on the internet for European flights.

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