Get the best deals on flights to Crete from Manchester

If you have decided to take in the stunning Greek island of Crete for your holiday this summer, then you can benefit from this guide to the best prices during the summer months. Despite the fact that it is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, there are still some great deals to be had by shopping around. To save you the hassle, we have compiled this guide to the best prices currently available on the net.

While many people still stick to package holidays, the fact is that the more shrewd among us have long since known that it is far cheaper to put your holiday package together yourself by booking the individual parts from separate retailers either online or in the high street. This way you are never left at the mercy of inflated travel agent prices, and you'll have the freedom to build the perfect holiday for you.

Unfortunately, booking your holidays in this way does come with something of an elevated risk factor. If you do run into issues you won't simply be able to contact the travel agent or holiday rep on site. Instead you'll need to individually contact the companies you booked with, which can prove a time consuming practice, so make sure you keep all the essential phone numbers close to hand on the off chance that you run into an emergency while abroad.

Depending on what month you want to fly out, the prices of flights to Crete from Manchester can vary quite a bit. June prices range from a high of £172 with Thomas Cook from Manchester to Heraklion on Sunday June 19th to as low as £104 with Easy Jet on Friday June 24th.

July sees quite a price jump, with the highest price being Friday 22nd with Easy Jet costing £207 and the cheapest being Thursday 14th with Thompson.

Things get a little more reasonable in August, with the all flights apart from the £345 Sunday 14th flight from Thomas Cook and the £227 Thompson service on Sunday 21st costing £166 or less.

In each of the summer months the most expensive day to fly is Sunday, while there are no services available on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday.

You can keep up to date with the latest flight prices between Manchester and Crete by pointing your web browser in the direction of www.skyscanner.net.

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