Looking for last minute flights to Crete from Ireland?

If you're looking to get away from it all at the last minute, or trying to make the most of the end of the summer, a late deal on flights to Crete from anywhere in Ireland could be just the ticket.

Online today, at ebookers.com, you can get a last minute deal to Heraklion, Crete at the end of this August - a perfect way to end the Summer and miss the crowds. A flight from Dublin to Heraklion, departing from Dublin on Wednesday 24th August at 06.50 and returning on the 31st, will cost around €503. Unfortunately it does include two stopovers, firstly in Frankfurt, Germany and then in Athens, Greece. It is the same route on the return also, departing from Heraklion at 16.50 and arriving into Dublin at 22.40.

A cheaper option would be to depart from Cork, on Tuesday 30th August, with the same destination, Heraklion. Departing at 7am with one lengthy stopover in Manchester, arriving into Crete at approximately 22.10. Again, with the same route on the return - departing Crete at 23.10 on 6th September, stopping in Manchester again, and arriving back into Cork at 10.30am. This option however, comes in at the much cheaper price of €335 per person.

Another comparison site worth taking a look at is skyscanner.net if you have the luxury of being totally flexible. It gives you the choice of searching by the month, or even the entire year to determine when the cheapest flights to Crete from Ireland would be.


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