Tips to Get Deals on Flights to Crete from Cork

Getting flights to Crete from Cork does not need to be expensive, you just need to shop around and bear a few tips in mind.

The first step to take is to consider booking in advance. If you know that you want to go away next year, take some time to plan ahead. Book your flights months in advance to get the best deals. However, do not book your flights to Crete from Cork on the first site that you find. Search a few options to make sure that that is the best deal.

Consider taking some days to shop around. There are high chances that the price you find one day will lower the next day – as long as you book far enough in advance. Of course, you can also risk it by looking for last minute deals. There are often airlines that have seats left over and will offer them at a low price to make up for the fuel being used.

Just because you want direct flights to Crete from Cork does not mean that it will be the cheapest option for you. Consider splitting your journey up if it will work out better. Of course, you also need to consider the extra time that it will take to travel – there are pros and cons to both options.

There are plenty of places to search for the best deals on your Cork to Crete flights. Price comparison websites offer some of the best deals, especially if you want late deals. Lastminute.com offers some great package deals so you can group your flights and hotels together – or you can just opt for the flights. For those looking to travel around the 21st September 2011, return flights will cost £436.89 per person. The flights return on the 27th September 2011.

Panorama offers some excellent deals on both last minute and early deals. However, the prices are in Euros, so you will need to look into the conversion rates.A seven day self-catering holiday, departing on the 18th May 2012, will cost 499 Euros per person. At the current conversion rate, that is about £429 per person. That price includes accommodation and flights.

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