Where Can You Book for Flights to Crete Online?

There are many ways for you to book for flights to Crete online. You can do so through the official website or homepage of an airline company like Easy Jet, with a flight comparison website like Cheap Flights, or through tour operators online like Holidays 2 Crete.


Flights heading to Crete from Easy Jet depart from UK, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. If you are leaving from London Gatwick, you can arrive at either Heraklion or Chania. Flights from Bristol and Manchester, however, will both arrive only at Heraklion.

Assuming that you are leaving from London Gatwick, fares range from £53.99 to £143.99.


Here, prices are all stated for round-trip fares. Flights from London Gatwick to Heraklion can go for as low as £110 when provided by Avro. Flights from London Gatwick to Chania, on the other hand, can go for as low as £219 if provided by flytoair.com.

Aside from UK airports, the website’s Crete-bound flights may also depart from Germany, Canada, the USA and other countries.

If you want to get a little creative, the website has a Be Inspired section, which will allow you to choose from their various travel packages. Categories for these include beaches, family, adventure, city breaks, and ski and snow.


You can book for flights to Crete separately or in combination with accommodations, tours, car rentals, insurance and other travel services. They have holidays available for different parts of Crete such as Stalis, Malia, Chania and the increasingly popular Santorini. For Santorini, last-minute deals can go for as low as £220 per person.

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