Flights to Cork Ireland

Cork, the second biggest city in the Republic of Ireland, was constructed around the River Lee and its city center rests on an island in the channeled river. The city, known for its arts and tasty Irish cuisine, is truly a great destination for your Ireland vacation or for a short weekend city break. For those searching for flights to Cork, know that options exist all over the place.

The place to go for plane tickets to Europe is online travel e-companies. Booking flights for Cork online is fast, easy and convenient.

The first thing to understand is that depending on the type you go, prices for flights to Cork can vary tremendously. If you need to budget, be flexible with your travel dates and fly during a weekday. Flights during the work week are always lower than weekend or holiday flight prices.

Before going online to search for Cork flights, you want to make up your mind when you want to go Cork. You will need to enter this in your online flight searches.

Listed below in this article is an example of two flights to Cork from London. Prices listed are round-trip. It will provide you with a general understanding of the price range for London to Cork flights.

At Expedia, a round trip London to Cork flight costs £147 for the dates of 12.10.2011 to 19.10.2011. This is a Wednesday to Wednesday flight. Expedia UK is a good travel site to go to for flights within the UK because the site typically has less fees than other travel sites; hence, the company always carries some of the cheaper flights.

Kayak allows you to compare the costs of different airfares across a wide range of online travel web companies. At Kayak, a round trip airfare from London to Cork for the dates of 03.11.2011 to 11.11.2011 costs £78. The flight is also a non-stop flight from London to Cork. It is cheaper because early November is one of the cheapest times to travel.

As you can see, prices will vary tremendously during different times of the year. This is all due to the supply and demand nature of flights to Cork.

Remember to spend some time looking at prices for Cork flights. It is advisable to search over 10 different sites before booking your plane ticket.



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