Flights to Cook Islands

Cross the skies to an archipelago where time slows down, beaches beckon, and a lively culture entrances. Book a flight to the Cook Islands today for a holiday unlike anything you’ve ever had before.

Travelling to the Cook Islands leads holidaymakers to the isles of Suwarrow, where sunken treasures from Spanish galleons are buried; Mauke, with its secret coves and unhurried lifestyle; and Atiu, with its intoxicating coffee and exotic birds. Here are the airlines that take visitors to this paradise.

Pacific Blue soars from New Zealand and Australia to the Cook Islands’ mountainous Rarotonga Island, filled with rainforests and white sand shores, and surrounded by coral reefs. Pacific Blue’s onboard menu features food like tomato-and-basil soup, apple-and-cinnamon oats, and blueberry muffins. Passengers will enjoy the digEplayers, where they can browse through a range of movies, music, and TV shows. Premium Economy class offers more space than the usual budget seats, but those who want to stretch their legs further can reserve a Blue Zone seat at extra charge.

Air New Zealand also takes wing from New Zealand and Australia to Rarotonga. It’s a luxurious journey on Pacific Premium Economy, which provides additional seat recline and legroom. A personal audio-video-on-demand system is accessible through seatback, high-resolution screens, accompanied by a remote control and noise-cancelling earphones. There are self-service refreshment areas in the cabins as well, so there’s no need to wait to grab a bite. Cabin air too cold and harsh? Air New Zealand provides Pacifica Skincare, made from native blossoms which soothe the skin, in its premium bathrooms. Amenity packs include lip balm, socks, eyeshades, earplugs and a toothbrush.

Hop from island to island via Air Rarotonga, which carry 70,000 passengers annually within the archipelago. The airline of the Cook Islands was established in 1978.

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