Looking for flights to Chania Crete 2011?

Flights to Chania Crete 2011 depart from most airports in Europe particularly in high season. Chania International Airport is one of two airports in Crete, the other being Heraklion International Airport.

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Chania International Airport is located near Souda Bay on the peninsula of Akrotiri, fifteen kilometre from the city of Chania. It is named after Ioannis Daskalogiannis, Crete's most famous rebel who opposed Ottoman rule in the 18th century. It handles about 1.5 million arrivals per annum.

Services inside the airport are limited to say the least: there is no café or restaurant where you can sit down, only a counter selling beverages and sandwiches. There is also a shop selling Cretan products as well as a newsagent. And that's it apart from car rental agency offices.

There is a very reduced public bus service between the city of Chania and the airport, only 2 or 3 per day, so the best way to get there if you don't have a car is by taxi. The taxi stand is located right in front of the airport and there is generally no waiting time to get a taxi. It costs about 18 to 20 Euro to get from the airport to the city centre.

Chania ia a very attractive city. There is a maze of of half-derelict Venetian streets surrounding the small outer harbour. The city has many nightclubs and disco bars, fine restaurants and some lovely sandy beaches close to it.

So go ahead and book flights to Chania, Crete in 2011 and you won't be disappointed.


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