Find cheap flights to Bulgaria from Ireland

Looking for flights to Bulgaria from Ireland this summer?  As always you need look no further than Ryanair.  On their website there are often specials running and it is possible for you to fly to Bulgaria for under €50 round-trip.  This means you can spend your hard earned money in much more exciting ways when you land.

Bulgaria offers much in the way of sights and culture. From modern Sofia with its museums and wonderful outdoor dining to the the gorgeous sandy beaches along the Black Sea.  The coutries landscape is covered with mountains and forests to ensure any foray into the countryside will be aesthetically pleasing.  The old Roman built cobbled streets of Plovdiv, which twist and turn in what feels like an irrational manner, are also sure to keep you guessing as to what lays around the next corner.

April, May and June are the best months to plot your getaway to Bulgaria as the weather is fresh and pleasant.  The tourist rates have not yet kicked in and visitor numbers are not too high until late June and early July.  Flying direct from Ireland to Bulgaria is not an option as of yet but fret not, you still have options.

Ryanair run direct flights to Plovdiv from London Stanstead for as litle as €15 one-way year round.  Flights from ireland to London are often available under €10 one-way so it is not at all difficult to get to Bulgaria and back for under €50. To avail of these specials you must be flexible with your travel dates and try your best to book well in advance.

If you don't feel up to booking seperate legs of your journey then you can find complete flights to Bulgaria from Ireland by checking out gohop.ieFlights from Dublin to Sofia start from around €200 during April albeit with one stopover.  This option suits those who prefer to head to Sofia as directly as possible but for those travellers that don't mind then Ryanair's prices are hard to beat.

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