Flights to Bulgaria from Dublin Airport - all you need to know


Bulgaria is becoming one of the top tourist destinations in Europe? Read on for some information on flights to Bulgaria from Dublin airport.


Bulgaria is located in southeast Europe and is bordered by 5 countries and the Black Sea to the east. The country has embraced new types of tourism including ethno, cultural and historical tourism. Specialised tours involve interacting and living with local people in rural mountain villages. Lonely Planet has currently ranked Bulgaria as one of the top ten travel destinations for 2011. The 10th century Rila Monastery and the 19th century Euxinograd chateau are popular tourist attractions.


The three main airports in Bulgaria are Sofia, Bourgas and Plovdiv. Aer Lingus have 4 flights to Bourgas every week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Flights depart at 3 pm and arrive at 8.55 pm local time. Prices range from around €350 to €600 return. Ryanair fly from Dublin to London Stansted, where you can get connecting flights to Plovdiv.

When to go

Bulgaria is a great place to visit year round depending on your hobbies and holiday preferences. During the summer temperatures on the Black Sea coast are quite warm and sunny. The coastal resorts mentioned above are located here and are the perfect place for a beach holiday. The Balkan Mountains also provide good hiking during the summer. Bulgaria also has some excellent ski resorts for winter holidays. Rila Mountain is one of the country's primary ski destinations along with the resorts of Borovetz and Bansko.

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