How to Find Cheap Flights to Benidorm in 2011

Flights to Benidorm 2011

Benidorm in Spain is one of the top destinations for British tourists, due to its beautiful beaches, sunny skies and tons of things to do. Getting cheap flights to Benidorm in 2011 is actually easy as with so many tourists flying there, airlines are competing against each other for customers, so the rates stay low.

cheapflights.co.uk is a great place to look for cheap flights to Benidorm in 2011. The website searches flights from London, Manchester, Glasgow and more than 10 other UK airports, and always comes up with the cheapest rates they can find.

At cheapflights, you'll find round-trip flights from London to Alicante (the airport where all flights to Benidorm land) for as low as £57 in October and November, 2011.

Monarch Airlines (monarch.co.uk) is one of the most popular airlines for flights from the UK to Benidorm.  Flights to and from Alicante Airport leave several times a day and with such cheap rates, Monarch is often the only airline frequent travellers to Benidorm look at.

Expect to find airfares on Monarch in 2011 as low as £35 one-way from airports like Gatwick and Manchester . The great thing about Monarch Airlines too is you pay for your flight through PayPal and no booking fees are added.

EasyJet (easyjet.com) is the second most popular airline for holidaymakers travelling to Benidorm and, with their cheap prices, it's really no wonder.

On EasyJet, expect to pay a one-way fare of as low as £39.99 in 2011, particularly if you don't mind flying early morning hours or later in the evening (after 9pm).



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