Flights to Belarus

Go bird-watching, castle-hopping, and monument-seeking during your Belarus holiday. These flights to Belarus will take visitors to a country rich in Jewish history, with remnants from the Napoleonic Wars, the Northern Wars, and World War II.

Take Belavia, the national airline, established in 1996. Business class passengers are allowed 30 kg of baggage, while economy class travellers get 20 kg.

airBaltic flights to Belarus offers a wide array of gifts – such as an airBaltic Boeing 737-500 toy – for purchase from the onboard gift shop. The airCafé menu lets you choose goodies you can buy, like a kids’ meal where sandwiches come with candy, and stick-on tattoos.

More shopping can be done on Turkish Airlines, with perfumes from Kenzo, Jennifer Lopez, and Davidoff; cosmetics from Estée Lauder and Clinique; and watches from Lacoste. Turkish folksongs, classics, and pop music are part of the auditory repertoire, as are oldies, jazz, and New Age tunes. Audio books are available, as are games such as backgammon, blackjack, and chess. Tour the world through film, with featured blockbusters from India, Japan, and China.

Entertainment can also be had on Austrian Airlines. Its music programme features one of its most beloved sons: Johann Strauss. JetFriends magazine will keep the kids amused, while Skyline is great browsing for the adults. A range of movies and TV shows are on hand too.

Satisfy your appetite on Lufthansa, because eating well starts on the plane itself. With Lufthansa, “discover flavour” with creations such as fried apple with chicken liver mousse, goat’s cheese with tomato chutney, and sweet potato with smoked salmon tartar, all by award-winning chefs.

All flights to Belarus land at the Minsk National Airport or Minsk 2 Airport in the capital, Minsk.

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