How to secure flights to Barbados from Dublin

If you're looking to finally book your dream trip to Barbados from Dublin, then you're probably wondering what your options are for flights to Barbados from Dublin. Considering there are no direct flights it can be a tricky place to get to, that's why in this blog we'll be running through your various options to get to this sun-kissed paradise.

If you want to get to Barbados from Dublin, then you're going to have to catch a connecting flight. Luckily for you, pretty much all of the cheapest connections are right next door to you, in both London and Manchester. Both Virgin Atlantic and British Airways fly direct to Barbados, so these are your best bet for getting cheap connecting flights.

Virgin Atlantic, who you can find online at www.virgin-atlantic.com, fly direct to Barbados daily from both Manchester and London Gatwick. The flights generally work out at around £1,000 per person, however you'll be paying a high premium to travel during the summer as this destination continues to grow in popularity every year.

If you want to travel in luxury, then British Airways also fly to Barbados daily from London Heathrow. You can book flights and check out the extras on offer from their site at www.britishairways.com. In our experience the British Airways flights are slightly more expensive than Virgin, so if you're on a budget, then they are the company to go with!

So whatever option you pick, getting to Barbados need not be a pain! Bon Voyage!

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