Flights to Bangkok are hot, hot, hot.

Cultural phenomenon, shopping heaven and tourist treasure. Welcome to Bangkok; one of the most cosmopolitan, contrasting and, above all, compelling of Asian cities. A steamy, pulsating, yet smiling metropolis of more than ten million – intense at first, but addictive as anything.

Fly to Bangkok from the UK with Qantas and British Airways: they've got flights going from about 800 quid return out of London Heathrow. Just check out their sites or book with one of our great holiday booking websites online.

Come find your niche among dazzling temples, hotels of every breed and size, eclectic markets, gleaming palaces, ritzy malls, a famous nightlife scene and the many things in between. Enjoy a memorable dinner cruise adrift the Chao Phraya River. Bask in the city’s warm, affluent glow at a skyscraping rooftop bar. Experience all the things – tuk-tuk ride, ladyboy show, Muay Thai (kickboxing) match, Thai massage – everyone always comes home talking about.

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