Hunting for cheap flights to Bali, Indonesia from the UK?

The pristine waters and rich marine life of the seas in Bali make it a favourite destination for snorkellers, scuba divers, and holiday makers. Choices of flights to Bali from the UK abound with aircrafts flying directly to Denpasar’s Ngurah Rai Airport. Alternatively, stop at the Indonesian capital of Jakarta for a few days then head off to the island using national carriers such as Garuda Indonesia and Merpati Nusantara Airlines.

Due to the popularity of the island as a beach holiday destination, there are plenty of flights to Bali from the UK. Depart from various points such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Aberdeen, Belfast, Edinburgh, Bristol, and Dublin.

For best deals, buy your flight tickets in advance. Most airlines offer reduced fares depending on the season. Be aware that airline companies and travel agencies have varying purchase conditions so read the fine print of your tickets. Often, low-priced tickets cannot be modified. Others do not allow any changes in dates nor cancellations at all so be very sure of your travel dates before booking. You might also consider taking out some form of insurance to protect yourself from losses.

Fares to Bali increase (£800 to £1100 per ticket) during the summer period (July to September) while the leaner months see prices going down. The ideal time to visit the island is from May to October when it is the dry season. Do not exclude the option of travelling during the rainy season or from November to April when prices are discounted. It does not rain everyday and overall, it is still pleasant weather.

Check out Worldwideflights (worldwideflights.com) and Travel Center (travelcenteruk.co.uk) for an idea of prices and schedules. Between autumn and spring, a return fare costs £584 on Cathay Pacific with a stopover in Hongkong while China Airlines (via Taipei) charge £606. Other airlines that fly to Bali include Qatar Airlines, KLM, Korean Air, Malaysia Airlines, Etihad, and Aeroflot. These are multi leg flights so expect layovers in Dubai, Amsterdam, Doha, Kuala Lumpur, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, among other places.

Stopovers are annoying but they are meant for refuelling, restocking supplies, cleaning, loading, and unloading passengers. Airlines may or may not ask passengers to disembark. You can take it as a shopping break especially if your pit stop is Dubai or Changi airport.

Long haul flights to Bali from the UK are lengthy with flying time estimated at 20 to 24 hours inclusive of all connections. Most airlines offer adequate seats and choices of food and drinks. It is best to keep yourself hydrated by taking lots of fluids during the voyage and stretch as much as you can. The effort is all worth it when you have images of lovely, sandy beaches, ancient temples, relaxing massage, and spa treatments before you.

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