Where to Find Cheap Flights to Bahamas from London

If you’re planning on enjoying the gentle waves of Cable Beach or a horse riding trip along the seafront at Pink Sands Beach, you will be experiencing some of the Bahamas best activities. If you can save money on your flights to the Bahamas from London, you can enjoy even more holiday experiences. So where should you look for the best deal?


This should be one of the sites you check out when looking for flights to Bahamas from London. Direct flights from London Heathrow to Nassau International with Virgin Atlantic or from Heathrow to Freeport with American Airlines are listed, but an indirect flight with KLM, Air France or Air Canada will save you hundreds.

Travel supermarket

As with so many everyday items like credit cards and car insurance, using a comparison site opens you up to the best deals. This is particularly true if you’ve waited until the last minute to book your flight.


If you’re not too concerned which resort you stay at or exactly when your flight leaves, booking with lastminute.com could give you the best deal. As extensive beaches are commonplace, rest and relaxation can be expected whether you stay in Eleuthera, Nassau or Freeport. Booking based on price could give you more money to spend when dinning out or on souvenirs for the family.


With a mobile site and phone apps, ebookers.com can be used wherever you are. Low prices and daily deals mean that if you’re looking for a last minute flight you could find the best deals here. With information on airport car parking, hotels and attractions, you can plan most aspects of your trip.


You can expect to pay around £800 for flights to the Bahamas from London. The average flight time is nearly 13 hours, so you can’t always accept the lowest price if you’re at an age when you need comfort or if you’re travelling with children who will need good in-flight entertainment to while the hours away. Your holiday starts when you reach the airport, so look for the best price but don't compromise your experience.

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