Great Value Flights to Australia from Manchester

Flying down under to Australia is by no means an inexpensive venture but there are certainly some deals that are better than others out there. We will show you where the best places to search for flights to Australia from Manchester and even give you some alternative options from London.

Be Flexible with Your Travel Plans

If you have not yet set in stone the dates you are looking to travel down under then you are perfectly placed to save a couple of hundred pounds on return flights to Australia from Manchester. The thing to realise before searching for flights is that the cheapest tickets do not always lead to Sydney or Melbourne and you can get some great value if you fly to places like Perth or Brisbane.

Quantas regularly have great deals from Manchester to Australia on their website www.quantas.au. These offers are called QDeals and you can grab return tickets from Manchester to Cairns for £1,021, Manchester to Brisbane for £904, Manchester to Melbourne for £889, Manchester to Sydney for £832, Manchester to Adelaide for £825 or Manchester to Perth for as little as £820. Check up on these QDeals regularly to take advantage of fresh deals.

Skyscanner represents a great one stop shop when looking to compare all major airlines for flights down under. You can do a search for flights from Manchester to anywhere in Australia for the whole year and you will get back some amazing prices on return flights from Manchester to cities like Devonport from £1,114, to Sydney from £822, to Adelaide from £818, to Perth from £760, to Brisbane from £725 and to Melboune for as little as £715.

More Tips to Save on your Flights

We highly recommend signing yourself up to price alerts from www.skyscanner.net. By doing this, you will automatically be notified whenever there is a price drop on your chosen flights to Australia from Manchester. Alternatively, if it is possible for you to fly from London Heathrow, you can save even more on Skyscanner with flights from London to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane for as little as £640 round trip.

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