Getting the best price on flights to Antalya from Dublin

Thinking of paying a trip to Turkey's stunning southern coast? Antalya is fast becoming one of them ost popular holiday destinations out there for Irish people, but getting there can be slightly difficult thanks to the lack of direct flights. In this blog, we are going to check out your options for getting cheap flights to Antalya from Dublin. Despite the distance, it is perfectly possible to strike a great deal, so lets take a look!

Unfortunately, as we mentioned, there are no direct flights from Dublin to Antalya, but during the summer months, there is a charter flight three times a week that is offered through Falcon Holidays at http://www.falconholidays.ie. Falcon are one of the cheapest holiday providers in Ireland, and they offer a comprehensive search engine for your Turkey holidays.

Simply enter the dates you want to travel, and the airport you want to fly to, and Falcon will find you the best possible deal on a package holiday to Turkey. If, for whatever reason, you can't find a deal worth checking out on Falcon, then another site we think you should check out is http://www.holidaysonline.ie.

Holidays Online is another site offering fantastic package deals on Antalya flights, and they scour the entire market, including all of the major Irish package operaters, to find you the best deals. Right now, they are offering a fantastic price of just 399 Euro per person on a seven night stay in Antalya, so it is well worth checking them out!



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