Tips for searching flights to America

The contiguous United States of America have 50 states (excluding Hawaii and Alaska). There is a huge choice of holidays to do from nature trips and camping vacations to long city breaks and beach getaways. A good network of transport is in place including accessible flights to America from any part of the world.

Handy pointers

To begin your search for flights, use comparison sites to get the best deals on tickets to the US. Deal Checker (dealchecker.co.uk) is one place where you can find reasonable prices. Expedia (expedia.co.uk) is another place where you can book inexpensive flights to America.

Airlines that fly to the US from the UK include British Airways, Air France, Virgin, and KLM. American carriers include Delta, Continental, UA, and US Airways so there's plenty to choose from. Deals start at £637 and as high as £1200.

Bear in mind that flight durations to the US vary from your departure point. A direct flight to New York from the UK with no layovers will last 7-8 hours. And that's only on the East Coast that's nearer to the UK or Europe in general.

If you are thinking of going further inland or swinging to the West Coast, travel times are longer with a flying time from London to glitzy Las Vegas nearly reaching 15 hours, one way only.

Wild Alaska on your list? Prepare to fly at least 21 hours with stopovers in New York and Seattle before landing in Anchorage on multiple carriers. On the way back, stopping over at Minneapolis (Minnesota) is a possibility.

Another point to consider is the connecting flights that you eventually need to take. Your ports of entry could be cities such as New York, Miami and Atlanta, the main hubs on the East Coast.

The West Coast has San Francisco and LA. And, if you're coming from the Pacific, you might even have to do immigration and customs clearance in Honolulu.

It is highly recommended to give enough allowance for connecting flights at the entry points. Lines are often long and airports huge. Consider that you have to collect your luggage for customs clearance. For hassle free layovers, factor in at least two hours of gaps in between flights.

Having said that, read unbiased airline reviews or get a feel from friends. While experiences vary and the web is full of opinions from unsatisfied passengers (mostly), it does not mean that an airline is useless. Bad experiences are more often reported than good ones so use your judgement. At the end of the day, overall satisfaction is dependent on convenient schedules, prices, service, punctuality, and baggage handling.

Don't forget this

While most travel agencies and websites suggest insurance as an option, we strongly recommend that you purchase adequate cover. Nothing is certain and you might have factors beyond your control such as natural disasters and labour strikes. If you are visiting during the hurricane season, insurance just save your holidays from getting completely spoiled due to cancellations. So yes, protect yourself and your wallet by adding an insurance on your flights to America.

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