Booking flights to America in 2011

Flights to America 2011

As America is so far away one of the key concerns when booking a flight is the price. Fares for crossing the Atlantic are almost always hefty and can often set you back £400 or more. So when booking flights to America in 2011, the first thing to do is look for a good price and the easiest way to do that is with a price comparison website.

There are loads of price comparison sites for flights with little to choose between most of them. One of the better ones though is travelsupermarket.com. Running a comparison on travelsupermarket.com will compare all of the airlines that fly between the UK and America as well as most of the major travel companies that you can book through.

Exact prices will depend on the airports that you want to fly to and from and the dates of your trip, but a quick search shows that Delta Airlines currently come out on top for direct flights from London to most US destinations and that travelpack.com are one of the cheapest websites to book through.

Outside of flight comparison sites opodo.com is a consistently cheap and reliable travel company that you can book through. They offer flights to most major US airports, and as well as flights you can also book hotels, car hire and package holidays through them. This both saves time and effort by allowing you to plan every aspect of your trip from a single site, and can often net you big savings, particularly if you book a package holiday with them.

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