How to find and compare flights to Albania from London

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If you are looking for flights to Albania from London you have plenty of options to choose from. Airlines, flight comparison websites and travel agents all provide low rate flights. A quick browse on the internet will almost always return an affordable flight.

Airlines flying to Albania from London include British Airways, Alitalia, BelleAir and Air France. Journey times depend on whether you take a direct or indirect flight. British Airways and Belleair operate non-stop flights to Tirana and take approximately 3 hours. Indirect flights with one or two stops can take between 5 and 18 hours.

You can book a return flight with Belleair and Albanian Airlines from Stansted to Tirana. British Airways fly from Gatwick to Tirana. Prices tend to peak in July and fall steadily towards December. Alitalia will fly you one-stop from Heathrow to Tirana from £314 return and Belleair will fly you there from £364, in the month of July.

These airlines offer some of the cheapest fares to Albania and you can purchase tickets directly from their websites. Some people prefer to fly with better known airlines such as British Airways and Air France. Although they are more expensive you can be assured of a quality service.

Checking out flight comparison sites such as cheapflights.co.uk, skyscanner.net and farecompare.com will give you an excellent guide for finding flights to Albania. They allow you to search by dates, airlines, travel time and prices to find the best flights to suit your requirements.

Travel agents such as Alban Travel also offer excellent deals on flights to Albania from London. They are sales agents for British Airways and BelleAir and can offer very competitive prices on direct flights.

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