We take a look at flights to Tenerife this summer

Flights to Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa and is a hugely popular tourist resort welcoming around five million visitors every year, making flights to Tenerife easy to come by. It also boasts one of the largest carnivals and this Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife now aspires to become a World Heritage Site.

When people think of holidaying in Tenerife they usually think of resort complexes and apartments in busy harbour towns and villages.There is another option however. The four and five star hotel approach is one which is surprisingly popular in Tenerife and one which should definitely not be discounted if your budget allows. There is something on Tenerife to suit everyone; all tastes,ages and budgets and as a result all the tour operators have special deals and offers especially during the peak season.

Flights to Tenerife are usually included in package holidays but if you feel like sourcing your own accommodation and just want to book flights then you will find plenty of choice from most of the major UK airports. Budget airlines such as Easyjet, bmi, flybe and Ryanair regularly fly to Tenerife especially in the peak season. Easyjet are offering flights to Tenerife from £77 each way in September including all airport taxes.  If you can be flexible with your travel dates it is well worth taking a look at websites such as Expedia and lastminute or consulting a price comparison website. The cheapest deal we can find is £95 return from London Gatwick to Tenerife departing on 10th October and returning on 18th October.

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