Flights only deals to Cyprus

Its that the time of the year again when the people start thinking of going on their holidays. If you have booked Cyprus as your destination and booked your accomodation but still to book your flights check out these deals on flights only to Cyprus.

When you take Cyprus flights it helps you visit a country of glorious beaches, idyllic little villages, rugged mountains and relaxing spas.The flights arrive in Larnaca and Paphos and have flight times of only 4 hours. It is a beautiful place of the world to visit where you are sure to have a great time.

Cheapflights.co.uk have good deals currently available on the website which sure will impress you. For a flight from London Gatwick to touch down in Larnaca a price is available for £98 including all taxes and charges. This is for a 3rd of July departure but if that is not the date that you are departing do not worry. Just log on to www.cheapflights.co.uk and type in your dates to their search engine and you will get all your details then at the touch of a button.

Thomson is another company that offers very competitive prices for flights only to Cyprus. For 2 people flying out on the 29th of May from London Gatwick to Paphos it comes in at a very good price of £233.96. Again if the dates are not matching up for when you want to go simply just put your dates into the search engine and, hey presto, there are your prices and availability. You can log on to Thomson at www.flights.thomson.co.uk and book your flights without any hassle.

So waste no more time and book your flights to Cyprus today for to experience an unbelievable time.

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