Flights from Manchester to Orlando, Florida this summer

Manchester Airport is lucky enough to have two scheduled and direct flights to Orlando Sanford Airport, as well as two seasonal offerings on the charter airlines. This means when booking a flight from Manchester to Florida, you can look around for the best bargains. Here's the current options for flights from Manchester to Orlando.

Virgin Atlantic operate brand new Airbus A330 planes between the two airports twice a day 7 days a week. Flights take off either at 11am or 13:45pm. Prices begin at around £480 for this route, and with Virgin's full service approach to flights, you will get free food and drink, as well as in-flight entertainment and a generous luggage allowance.

The other airline to fly from Manchester to Orlando as a regular, scheduled service is Thomson Airways. These flights depart up to twice a week during peak holiday seasons such as summer and the Christmas break. Prices start at around £396 including all taxes and fees for return flights.

Monarch Airlines, meanwhile, offer Charter flights to Orlando, for those booking package holidays. Fares on Monarch start from around £372 per person, though discount deals are available when you also book a hotel as part of the trip.

Thomas Cook Airlines also operate flights to Orlando during the summer months, operating from April to early October. Cheapest flights during this period are around £329 per person, but travellers can expect to pay extra if leaving during busy weeks in July. Thomas Cook also offer the option of booking premium seats for those who prefer extra legroom and more comfortable seats.

So for the cheapest deals for flights from Manchester to Orlando, remember to check price comparison websites to find out the latest deals and offers.

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