Looking for flights to Majorca in 2011

Looking for flights to Majorca 2011? Then all you need to know is right here.The main airport in Majorca is in Palma and is located about 8 miles away from the city. Flying time to Majorca from Ireland is about 2 and a half hours approx. The perfect flying time if your not a good traveller or have small children.

Many different airlines offer great prices these days and many bargains are to be found. Aerlingus offer a flight for mid-May for about €400 euro per person if you fly on a Sunday but for one day later you can get a better price for €198 approx. Ryanair offer a great price at €95 per person without a checked in bag, but beware if you like to bring everything but the kitchen sink with you as Ryanair have very strict baggage allowances. Swiss airlines offer the same dates for €233 but with one stop off.

When looking for flights to Majorca make sure that you read all terms and conditions as many add on hidden extras for baggage, etc and you can end up paying much more than you first thought. Also ensure that you check baggage restrictions as some airlines such as Ryanair are extremely strict and you may end up throwing out valuables in Dublin airport to make your luggage lighter.

Many other airlines offer prices at around the same price as mentioned above or higher. The best way to check the prices and times is by searching flights through ebookers or skyscanner. Sites like these will ensure that you get the best deals on flights to Majorca 2011.

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